Hey everyone, so if you are curious enough to follow through my journey of fat conquest, here is my second..well really first blog! For my first food blog, I decided to do Fuze Eatery in Long Branch, New Jersey. It is this tiny hole in the wall with just a sign that says “Empanadas and Smoothies”. Odd mixture I thought, I did not even want to try it at first but boy am I glad I did. If you are looking at the picture, you can see that I ordered four empanadas which are a bit on the bigger side of normal empanadas. And what I love most about Fuze, is that these are not traditional ones, these empanadas have a twist.

So to start off, I got two basic beef empanadas. If you don’t know what these are because you have been living under a rock, its seasoned beef, with cheese if you prefer, stuffed inside fried bread basically. These have been my go-to since I was born realistically speaking. So now, I decided to try two different types they offered; the “Jersey Shore” and the “Arroz con Pollo”.

The Jersey Shore empanada had pork roll, egg and cheese in it. A legit breakfast empanada, like my dream come true. It was a fried heavenly sent perfection. The Arroz con Pollo one had well, shocker, rice and chicken stuffed in. In all honestly, being Hispanic being raised on rice and chicken, this one wasn’t all that amazing to me, but this breakfast one, well that’s another story in itself. The atmosphere is so hip, the staff are always so great and well their empandas will speak for themselves when you try them. Stay tuned for more delicious delights!