Ok well here is the story. I am so sure everyone has seen these lifestyle and wellness blogs about how to be vegan or simply how to eat better by cutting back on calories. That bores that crap out of me, to be completely honest. I have always had a fast metobalism so everything I eat does not stay in my body for too long, therefore, I have never really been conscience about my calorie intake. Granted, I will work out rigoursly ¬†and occasionally eat something more on the healthy side, but that’s just not fun to me. I mean, I am the queen of bread.. just look at the picture honestly.

So basically, if you want to be fun and follow this blog, what I’ll be doing is giving you the best places to eat without worrying if it is too fattening or whatever people worry about. And for the record, these places aren’t far at all. In fact, I have come up with a list of places solely in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia to make this easier on me and you. Basically, there will be some sit down places, an old ice cream place, some fast food joints and just about everything and everything unhealthy. I hope you enjoy taking this fat road with me, I promise you’ll enjoy it.