If you guys want to fall into a sugar induced coma, then I HIGHLY recommend checking out Coney Waffle in Belmar. This cute little beach vibe ice cream shop has these “freaskshakes” as they refer to them in five different flavors. What had was the cookie and cream flavored one that was called Wonder Wheel. It took about ten minutes to make and it was pretty pricey for a milkshake but that was before I saw them make it and see just about every gram of sugar they placed into this milkshake.

So for starters, the basic cookies and cream milkshake was created and first mixed into the bottom of the cup. Then they added about four scoops of cookies and cream ice cream with one waffle cone placed upside down. On top of that cone was a watermelon ring pop(which are my favorite). Oh but, I’m not done, so much more was added. They then added on a stick, a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich, a chocolate dipped pretzel with rainbow sprinkles, a chocolate covered donut and whipped cream. Behind that,  was a cinnamon favored waffle cone with one scoop of cookies and cream ice cream squished in it. But wait theres more. Behind all of that were two different flavors of cotton candy with a hershey bar in the middle along with sour candy on top of the cotton candy.

I honestly got exhausted writing that, so imagine how I felt trying to eat that all. Needless to say, I am in bed sharing this experience with you incapable of moving because I consumed more than half my body weight in sugar. I am just a tad hyper as well, but thats to be expected. It was one of those experiences where the entire time consuming this messy heaven sent milkshake I kept saying to myself “Oh, this is so good” or the occasional “Come to momma”, but after I just kept thinking was ugh I feel sticky and like I just morphed into an actual sugar ball. There’s nothing else I can say-you just have to try it.