Ok, so I know that this may not be the most unhealthy post of them all but what I ate was pretty bad. Made me had to unbutton my pants and rub my food baby. So naturally, steak is more on the healthy side because of protein and all that boring stuff but somehow I managed to get a steak with a lot of fat. My waitress actually started giggling when I asked if there could be a lot of fat on the steak. I mean I had veggies as a side to make it a little better, but I mean after those two margaritas I didn’t care that much.

So besides the six ounce sirloin drenched in butter and au jus, I had a skewer of grilled shrimp and a side of fries. Ok, so the grilled shrimp wasn’t exactly terrible in the calorie department  either, but I mean it all added up. Not to mention the loaf of bread and butter I had all to myself because my boyfriend didn’t want to “spoil his appetite”. So there I was, bread, buttered up fat steak, seasoned fries and veggies that I barely touched.

So this probably will be the most healthy place in my blog, even though after I added everything up, it came out to 1,128 calories and I think that is without the margaritas but hey, it was damn good. Thinking about it right now I’m thinking on an average 2,000 calorie diet… that was a lot but hey caloriYAYS am I right?