I know you all are probably thinking wow, a vanilla milkshake with rainbow sprinkles nothing special about that. Well you are wrong my friend. There is everything special about these milkshakes from Lighthouse in Long Branch, New Jersey. Something about their milkshakes are so smooth and saying these taste sooooooooooooo good just isn’t enough justification, but they are so good. Not too thick, not too think, just so perfect. Something about the rainbow sprinkles make it extra perfect adding  just a little crunch.

Now before I went to Lighthouse, I never really expanded on my milkshake drinking. I had only ever drank vanilla milkshakes or cookies and cream milkshakes- which were wild for me. I always put rainbow sprinkles on any type of ice cream and really eat them plain sometimes. So, one day at Lighthouse with my boyfriend he asked if I ever had sprinkles in my milkshake, and ranting on how good it is almost like drinking soft serve ice cream. How could I resit that right?

So, as excited as I was I was like a kid in a candy shop ordering this milkshake with my rainbow sprinkles of course. Immediately, I had this stupid grin on my face and the only thing my boyfriend said was “RIGHT I TOLD YOU SO”. I don’t know, it was just the best milkshake I ever had and getting to the end of the cup and trying to eat all the sprinkles was the even better. And now, I get this milkshake about twice a month and do the same thing; drink the shake as fast as I can and shove my face in the cup until all the sprinkles are gone. You just have to go for yourself and see why I’m so obsessed.