I have yet to meet someone who does not love a good pound of wings and if I never do I could not continue that friendship because I don’t need that type of negative energy in my life. Let me just say between taco bell, my mom and wings there are few things I value higher than my education. I will watch these shows where they eat about two pounds of wings and I sit there like, “Oh I can totally do that”. I will simply eat at places if they a have wings or b chicken tenders because 9/10 times those are the two things you really can’t screw up. Wings are just a great appetizer or even as a meal if you aren’t feeling all that hungry, which rarely happens for this girl.

So these wings came from the great Asbury Ale House as well, but on a different occasaion from my drunken chicken sandwich. So I consider a pound of wings to be a full 10-12, and considering this was only 8, this little snack size of wings was still so worth it. Asbury Ale House just produces these amazing foods which these wings were not shy of.

I’m not saying I am thus huge wing critic and I should make a guest appearance on The Chew but I know good wings when I taste them and holy crap they were delicious. They were boneless classic buffalo wings but something about the sauce is what put these over the chart for me. It was almost like they had a honey buffalo glaze to them and the ranch dressing wasn’t too thick so it was just the perfection addition to dipping these. I have yet to try anything that wasn’t delicious from Asbury Ale House go see for yourself.