Ok so, I know that this is a picture of a quesadilla on National Taco Day but to be honest I was too hungry and excited for taco bell tacos that I forgot to take a picture, so instead here is my just as good(if not better) quesadilla. And this picture isn’t the best quality since I wanted to take a picture as fast as I could just so I could shove it in my face. So, I apologize for not telling you my love of taco bell but let’s put it this way. When I give birth to my children, they probably will come second to taco bell. So that’s pretty much how I feel.

So usually, when I go to taco bell I get a number seven, chicken quesadilla meal with a soft taco, a nacho cheese dorito taco, a large pepsi and a crunchwrap supreme with no sour cream. SO, I eat my body weight in calories at taco bell and all my roommates make fun saying I’m going to be diabetic by the age of 25, but honestly, its worth it to because it tastes SO DAMN GOOD!!!  Something about the quesadilla, maybe because it was my real love or maybe because the cheesy gooyness or the secret sauce, I don’t know what makes it so perfect, but boy is it.