Let’s start off with what looks cuter- my boyfriend’s smile or the actual drink. I’m biased, so I’m going to go with the shake. Totally kidding. Okay so, if you are from the Monmouth County area, then you should know about Turning Point in either Pier Village, Little Silver, or Sea Girt. This little gem was taken at Turning Point Little Silver and it was called a chocolate chip shakeachino. Now, Turning Point has an extensive menu in both and drinks so it was no surprise this delightful treat was produced out of Turning Point. It was one of those treats that you know could easily spoil your appetite, but you don’t care because its so good.

So basically this was frozen hot chocolate, milk, ice, espresso, chocolate chips and whipped cream blended together to make this well worth brain freeze. As soon as it came to our table, we looked like kids in a candy shop for the first time. He was quite annoyed I kept taking 100 pictures of it, but within seconds that whipped cream was on both of our faces as we chugged it up. I think between the both of us it took about three seconds to finish it too. Now disclaimer, I actually hate coffee and I really am not a big hot chocolate lover, but this was so well worth it.