NACHO CHEESE DORITOS LOCOS TACO. Let’s back track a bit, on national taco day(as I posted about my quesadilla), I mentioned how much I worship, yes worship Taco Bell. Originally, I thought to do separate blogs about my entire order at Taco Bell but its four, huge different foods and I would be judged. So, my love for the nacho cheese Doritos taco originated when it first came out.. like I was there the day they premiered this product and I instantly fell in love. I mean, they aren’t TOOOOOOO bad for you, I looked up the nutrition facts and its only 170 calories per taco. But I mean, I guess it adds up when I order the whole 12 pack and eat it myself….

Note how I am holding the taco, holding up gracing it in its rightful manner. Treating it how it should be treated, like a god. So literally, the flavor bursts through the shell. Its legit a dorito.. A FRIGGEN DORITO!!!!. And obviously all the boring stuff is inside like the beautifully seasoned taco meat, and the fresh ripe lettuce, the tasty shredded cheese and the perfect rip tomatoes. It’s just another food that once you eat you’ll be like oh my gosh, Yazmin was so right… again.