Ok, so I don’t remember if from the chocolate chip shakeachino post, but I had mentioned that I am not a big fan of coffee. But, I’m not sure if this latte consists in the coffee category, so if it does it’s my exception. Like America Runs on Dunkin except Yazmin…. well on vanilla chai lattes. Also notice how I purposely left my lipstick mark on the cup to make me seem, I don’t know, more of like an adult of some sort. It does look good though, don’t lie.

The vanilla chai latte has been a huge part of my household for as long as I really could recall. Both parents are not, and still are not, huge coffee drinkers, but they both did love their vanilla chai lattes, and so did I. But I really did not appreciate this drink until around my senior year of high school and it just recently picked back up about a week ago and I’m not sure how or why. What I do know is that I can chug about three of these babies in about  an hour and then go on sugar rush tangent about how bloated I am from them now. Here are the nutrition facts: screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-11-58-54-pm

Not terrible, but not great considering I have a cup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ask me how much I’ve worked out since starting this blog…..

maybe four times 🙂