If you are from the Monmouth area, then you are already familiar with Nellys. My freshman year Nellys and had a “bootycall” relationship-meaning, I only called them 2 am on a Friday night when I was drunk, and they understood. It is just one of those places where you have to be on the verge of dying of starvation or because the tequila told you to order Nellys. It is TERRIBLE for you, I mean look at the friggen grease on paper. As soon as I picked up the sandwich(which I had to do with two hands),grease just flew off everywhere so fast I almost regretted getting this on a Wednesday afternoon at 1:30.. but I didn’t don’t worry.

Nellys is probably is most famous for its fat sandwiches… and this is one of over fifteen options of fat sandwiches. This one in particular, is called the Fat Joel. I’m not really sure how these sandwiches got their name, but sure let’s just go with it. SO, in this Fat Joel there’s chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries, marinara sauce and cheese. Heart attack on a heart attack.. why yes it actually is. This is another good eat where you’re enjoying it so much, then you start getting full taking deep breathes to get through it, then the self loathing begins because you can believe you just ate a whole big sandwich like that. But here I am, blog post after blog post and maybe hitting the gym twice a week.. hard maybe. My recommendation would be to try this drunk first so when you are sober eating this you’re not like what the hell is wrong with this girl, I’m eating grease on bread.