I’m not sure if I lack common sense but when I first heard “crab fries” I was like ew fries that taste like crab(mind you, I’ve never even had crab). The waiter immediately laughed and said, “No no, they are regular crinkle cut fries with crab flavored seasoning.” Why not right? I could eat dirt if it was sautéed right and you told me it tasted great. BOY AM I GLAD THAT I ACTUALLY TRIED THESE CRAB FRIES BECAUSE THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING. No seriously, game changer right here.

This past Fourth of July, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Dorney Park, which there we found Chickies and Pete’s. Before this, I had never heard of this franchise and now I’m willing to take a drive to Philly just to eat here. The first time we went we both got simple appetizers, buffalo wings and moz sticks and we both shared crab fries. These fries were so good, they really did deserve a whole post dedicated to them.

It was a big heaping of fries, with crab seasoning sprinkled on them and a cheese sauce for dipping, which I think just took away from the whole crab fry experience. It was one of those appetizers where it was big enough to eat for a meal. Let me express this one more time, my boyfriend and I drove to Philly JUST for crab fries.. I mean yeah we ate other things but we just kept picking at these. I know you want to try these, I know you do.