Tequila, tequila and tequila. I have such a love/hate relationship with this devilish alcohol. So naturally, anything tequila based is for me. Every time I go out to a restauarunt I order either a margarita or a beer(basic I know). At this time of my tequila expertise, I’ve been trying different types of margaritas rather than the classic lime margaritas. The one on the right is a blood orange margarita, which seems to be my new favorite flavor. I’ve done frozen margaritas, blood orange, on the rocks, strawberry, pomegranate, and raspberry. Like every process before you know what you really enjoy, there’s a process of elimination point where you have to rule out what tastes amazing and what should never be made again-like the raspberry.

So a blood orange is the same tequila, cointreau, lime juice, but just some blood orange juice. Don’t forget to add the salt though! Thats 240 calories just in one, but I have about three so thats 720 calories… just on alcohol. If you aren’t twenty one yet you’re probably like this girl really drinks that much sugar?  Like um, yeah I did. And if you are twenty one or older you’re probably like girl, only three? I like to be my own bartender and make really crappy margaritas at my house which are THE most sugary ones, but they still get me drunk so :))))