Who doesn’t love some good heaping of shrimp? I know I’m that girl who will order shrimp and garlic for an appetizer and for a real meal. Naturally, when I saw some shrimp with crab seasoning, I was set. This was another goodie from Philly’s own, Chickie’s and Pete’s, of course. Think of when you order shrimp, sometimes you can get along like four small pieces and you’re thinking, what the shit?? I know your answer is yes because this happens to me all the time, but another thing I love about Chickie’s and Pete’s is the quality size portions they give you. These were totally jumbo shrimp and there were about eight of them, not lying EIGHT JUMBO SHRIMP. Can you say a dream come true?? No just me, ok fine.

There must be a mind reader genius inside the kitchen at Chickie’s and Pete’s because along with the jumbo shrimp they gave me…drumroll please….bread!! Like honestly, dipping bread into the extra sauce after shrimp, is indeed the best part, there is no arguing that. And the seasoning they had with it, was to die for. It had some crab seasoning on it which I didn’t know how crab and shrimp would mix but it was an explosion within my taste buds, fo shooow. If by now you don’t wanna go to Chickie’s and Pete’s and try all these delights, then something is wrong with you.