Pizza! YAY! Pizza! Why did this girl take so long to write a blog post about pizza- the most simple food containing most calories. One more time, PIZZA! Well friends, this isn’t just any ol pizza… this is Johnny Macs Pizza. Something about this pizza is magical, I might think this considering I’m two bud lights deep before eating Johnny Macs pizza. If you’re in the Asbury area and/or go to Monmouth University, then you know how good this pizza is. They bake these mini pizzas fresh every night for “J-Macs” customers. Oh and the best  part..


YES I SAID FREE. Ok well here’s the catch. So, you go to the drink pay anywhere from $4-$10, and then you ask your bartender for this little ticket(which color varies by night), and you bring that ticket to these cute little men in the back and they give you your personal pizza. And if you are a decent human being, you just tip them about a dollar and thats all. Free amazing pizza from Johnny Macs. Highly suggest checking the place out- great drinks, friendly faces and a great atmosphere all along with friggen pizza!