For those non Spanish speakers, carne asada is just a Spanish style steak. It is usually accompanied by rice and beans and some sort of salsa. Not because I grew up on it, but it is so delicious. This gem was brought to you by Tio Juan’s Margaritas in Toms River. This place just opened up less than a month ago and I will definitely be back multiple times. The steak was marinated just well and cooked at a medium rare temperature with a hint of lime flavor to go with it. As you can see from my packed plate, that wasn’t only they served with it. As big as the steak was there was also Spanish style yellowed rice with cilantro and tomatoes AND a beef enchilada. A lot right- yeah but guess who finished it all?

ya girl did

Oh, I forgot to mention that along this I had a side of chimmichurri. I wish I could explain what chimmicurri is except that its just so damn good and it goes with everything. EVERYTHING. So besides the chimmichurri sauce, I don’t know what I enjoyed the most. I know my boyfriend was annoyed because every bite of the steak I kept saying oh my god this is so good. Like literally every single bite. I would mix the rice with the steak and the flavor just exploded in my mouth. Not to mention, I washed it down with a blood orange margarita.